You only need an android to kill the child you hate not a gun

….Civilisation ( Handset): The educational destroyer

Gone are those days when we go to night class to read when preparing for WAEC and JAMB. Today, phones have taken over the minds of the pupils and students and they continue to fail.

A lot of apps are now on phones to damage the life of the children, so parents don’t need to look for what to use for the destruction of their child’s life. Android Phones can do the work perfectly.

Apps that damage children fast :

And another form of Porn sites among others.

If anyone wants to damage a child’s life, the person does need to stress him or herself. Just buy an android phone for him or her and wait for a few months. Then you will get the damaged result very fast.

Some people argue that children need phones to do assignments, hmm, I laugh; let me ask; what are the jobs of our publishers? Are they not producing good textbooks that are good for assignment and school use again?

Some say they check words meaning on phone .. Hmmm. Where is a hardcopy dictionary in your house as parents ???

Many parents are bastardising teachers’ efforts with all kinds of android phones they are buying for their children.

Let me tell you, these same parents will tell you the child did not know anything and you begin to explain what is not. When a child spends 90% of his or her time on the phone, then will 10% he or she uses to read miraculously make him/or her score 90% in the exam?

Such parents will not allow your work ( Academic Development) to show to your pupils/students because the child will never read.

Who is to be blamed? This is not time to blame anyone. The parents and schools must work together to stop the use of handsets by pupils and students Nationwide.

I want to appeal to all school owners to take serious disciplinary steps by banning the use of phones by pupils/students. I don’t mean in schools alone. Parents must not buy an android phone for their children.

Call for a PTA meeting tell the parents that you will have no choice but to send any pupils or students out of your school if an investigation revealed that such a child has a personal android phone.

Let us force and mandate parents to respect the schools. In those days, parents respect teachers. Then, teachers were the parents because we are 100% scared of the teachers. We beg our parents not to report us to the teacher because we know the implications for us.

In conclusion, schools have societal roles to play. The schools are to set the guidelines.

A parent withdrew her child from my school after we notice a lot of bad behaviours in the child and we later discovered that the woman has bought the phone for the 8 years old daughter that is attending another school in which she and the boy ( 5 years) watched and learn a lot of behaviours. I told her ” in my school, we are very serious, we don’t allow parents to buy phones for pupils/students and she withdrew the child because of our rules on phone usage by pupils.

My dear school owners and principals of public schools, for Nigeria to have a better society, we have work to do.

Don’t be scared if they threatened to withdraw their children but for the sake of the children and your school, do the needful before they tarnish the image of your school like Chrisland.

By Olarotimi on
School proprietor/ journalist.
Ilorin, Kwara state.

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