Why is NATO scared of Russia despite their military alliances?

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March 10, 2023

Firstly – They Remember World War II


There is NO COUNTRY ON EARTH thatcould have resisted the Germans the way the Russians did , stubbornly and resisting every temptation or threat that Nazi Germany could offer.

And lets make no mistake – Without Russia – Everyone in the Western Hemisphere would be speaking German today.

The Patriotism, Grit and Toughness of the Russian is legendary

Compared to them Americans, Britishers pale easily.

Fighter to Fighter – Russians can wipe the floor with every single NATO Country

Secondly – Russians are the Greatest Fighting Land Army

Over the Years NATO has forgotten the entire Art of setting up the Battle, locking troops, battle strategy everything.

The Continuous advance of Air Power has led to US focusing only on Stealth, Bombing, Radar, Drones and as a result have won against Non Nuclear enemies like Iraq where they bomb cities without regard for civilians and then at a ratio of 4:1 invade and take the City after 50 days

However against a Nuclear Power – Air power doesn’t matter Squat.

One Single Round of Bombing of the Farthest Russian City could result in Nuclear War

And NATO armies or Equipment despite all their fancy technology cannot match the Strategic Ability and the Sheer Ability to Think on their Feet and Toughness of the Russians

Thirdly – Russia has a Very powerful Nuclear Arsenal

Unlike Western Countries where a Heavy Age of Liberalism existed from 1990 to 2004 where for 14 Years – the Countries focused less on Warheads and more on Peace imagining USSR was over and the world would be peaceful for 100 years (Until Terrorism cropped up)

Russia has steadily built a Nuclear Arsenal – modifying Soviet Era Warheads from allover the USSR into Russia and building newer and newer ones.

Plus it helps when you have one Leader for 20 years against different parties with different ideologies.

Russians Nuclear Arsenal is FORMIDABLE

And Unlike USA – Russia has no issue with Distance

All US Targets are Thousands of Miles Away – Russia, China, North Korea etc.

Most Russian Targets are barely a few thousand miles away – France, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and even US – Alaska

Fourthly – RUSSIA never had an inkling of its power for all these years

Russia has Oil, Gas, Gold, Coal, Palladium, Titanium and a Small Population.

It could be the Wealthiest and most Powerful Nation in the World easily

The West managed to keep Russia without realizing this for 70 years by focusing on getting them to Bankrupt themselves with the Military Industrial Complex and later on Destroying their economy with Oligarchs and Sanctions etc etc.

Now Pandora’s Box is Open

Russia could rewrite the Entire World

US and EU have between them almost $ 178 trillion of Total Debt by All Institutions and barely $ 40 trillion of coverable assets. They have only Services dominating GDP. In short they are PAPER WEALTHY POWERS

Russia has Real Assets and Wealth

Long Term – The Entire World would flock to Russia as US would be unable to handle its Debt and break barring a miracle.

Why else do you think Barack Obama, Cameron and Merkel didn’t push Russia so far back in 2014? They didnt Want Putin to even consider how Powerful Russia was.

Yet their actions led to Russia’s massive food Self Sufficiency and becoming a Huge Exporter.

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