What is real patience?

A fish said to the sea,
“You can never see my tears, because I am in the water.”
The sea answered back, “But I can feel your tears, because you are within my heart.”

This is how we are;

No one will feel us except those who are truly close to our hearts.

Arwah bin al-Zubayr’s leg was cut off because of a disease he suffered, on the same day the dearest of his seven sons died.
The dearest son to his heart died after a horse kick killed him.

Arwah said: “Allahumma lakal hamd, Inna lilLahi wa inna Ilaihi raaji’un.”
[ Ya Allah! All thanks to You, we are from Allah and to Him is our return ]

You gave me 7 sons and took one, gave me two legs & two hands but took only one leg.

When Allah (SwT) besets calamities on us, He compensates us always by forgiving our most of our transgressions.

When He takes away something, He always gives back better things.

I ask Allah (SwT) to join all true Ummah of Rasool [SAW] together in Jannah.

Days passed, on one ultimate day Arwah went to the house of the Khalifa of the time where he saw a blind old Sheikh with a damaged face.
The Khalifa said: “Oh Arwah ask this Sheikh his story”.

Arwah asked the Sheik as directed.
The Sheikh said, “Ya Arwah! I used to live in a valley and in that valley there was nobody richer than me ( money, property and children wise ).

Within a single night, floods from heavy rains washed away my children, properties
and everything that I ever had.
By the next day, after sunrise, I had only a small baby and a camel.

The camel ran away, and I ran after it but did not get far when I heard screams of a baby.
I turned back only to see my baby’s head in the mouth of a wolf.
I tried saving the baby but the wolf had torn him apart.

As I turned to go away, the wolf jumped and hit my face, that incidence made me blind, and damaged my face.

Arwah asked the Sheikh, “What did you say after all this, Ya Sheikh? “.

The Sheikh replied: I said, “Allahumma Lakalhamd”, You Graciously left with me a heart and a tongue that will always Glorify You”.

This is the story of real patience;

these two people are among those who Allah (SwT) mentions thus:
ﺇﻧﻤﺎ ﻳﻮﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﺼﺎﺑﺮﻭﻥ ﺃﺟﺮﻫﻢ ﺑﻐﻴﺮ ﺣﺴﺎﺏ
( “only the patient will be paid back their rewards in full without measure” )

What kind of calamity have you encountered that made you sad and
live in misery?

Can you compare their misery to yours?
They were patient and Allah Promises to Reward them; if we are
impatient what reward do we hope to get?

Rabbana Lakalhamd Hamdan Katheeran Tayyiban Mubaarakan Feeh.

We are living with our families; we enjoy good health and well-being.
We sleep on our beds, others sleep on the floor, some sleep on garbage while many are in their graves.
We eat and drink to our fill, others wake up and go to sleep in the night with empty stomachs, others are on hospital beds unable to eat or drink, they are being fed through the tube, So

” Fa bi ayyi aala’irabbiku maa tukadhiban?”

May Allah [SwT] Reward any person who reads and shares this article.

Please endeavor to Share this wonderful story with all your colleagues and loved ones.

May Allah’s Grace and Favours repose in us and our families always!

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