February 28, 2024

Two Muslim Men Lynched in Hapur, UP In India

OCTOBER 26, 2023

Muslim man severely murdered during Hindu Dussehra festivities.

1600px Hapur Junction railway station Station board

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HAPUR – Irshad Muhammad mistakenly touched a person with his bike after which he was stoned to death by the Hindu community attending the festivities of Dussehra.

6 unknown suspects lynched another Muslim man on Tuesday in Uttar Pradesh, Hapur district.

Irshad Muhammad was murdered brutally with stones after his motorbike mistakenly hit a person attending Dussehra festivities near Luhari village.

Irshad was immediately rushed to the hospital following the event however he was declared dead by the Doctor. Another man Wasim, was also severely injured when he tried to save his fellow.

Police investigations are under progress and two suspects have been arrested. 

Abhishek Varma, the Superintendent of Police Hapur, informed that Irshad Muhammad’s father filed a complaint against six persons swiftly after the death of his son.

In the light of increasing violence in the village personnel from Provincial Armed Constabulary are ordered to ensure peace in the area. 

The police are on the lookout for the other four accused persons and have registered the case under Section 302 which is murder and also Section 148, which states rioting armed with deadly weapons of the Indian Penal Code.

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