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Tribute to Sheikh AbdulJalil Dabo

By Abu Maigoro

It was on Monday morning 2nd November 2020 that my phone woke me up with a text message from Prince Adam Idris a member of the security committee of Uthman Bin Affan Masjid popularly known as “Banex Mosque” with the sad news of the death of Chief Imam Sheikh AbdulJalil Dabo. I was shocked but I submitted to the will of Allah that every soul must taste death.
The death of Shiekh AbdulJalil Dabo remains a big loss to the entire Muslim community of Abuja and environs. He was a teacher, peace promoter, preacher and an Islamic reformer.
The attributes and the legacies he left behind can be remembered in many ways; his exceptional weekly Jumu’at khudbah always reflects the current trend in the society. I was actually inspired by his khudbah the first Friday I prayed in his mosque sometime in 2004. I can remember the topic of khudbah was about Abuja carnival which he described as misplacement of priority and lavishness that could promote immorality in the society.
He would deliver a khudbah with disposition of wisdom and beautiful words. He would implore government on the lingering insecurity and advocate for good governance. He encouraged youth on education, self-reliance and self-reform. He generally called for God fearing, piety, kindness and generosity. And he always warned the Muslim Ummah against transgression, corruption and laziness.
In the same vein, I became regular of his after-magrib lessons every Monday and Tuesday on the book of Riyad-us Saliheen and Kitabul Risalah respectively. His teaching method was quite different. He made sure people understood the lesson of the day.
Another legacy of Shiekh AbdulJalil Dabo was that he encouraged the introduction of comparative study through Engr Sale Danyaro. And it was a great opportunity given to young Da’aee to acquire skill and knowledge of comparative studies. As one of the students, I can boldly say it was his initiative at Banex Mosque that gave birth to comparative studies in Abuja. This is just one section that leverages the Da’awa propagation in the FCT and beyond.
All these contributions towards Islamic propagation did not make Sheikh AbdulJalil to relent, he always partook in all Da’awah activities; outing to villages, towns and cities.
He was also known for reconciliation mission wherever there was dispute among the Muslim Ummah.
He attained a virtue of selflessness in the quest for Islamic doctrine and propagation.
His painful exit can never be forgotten and his legacies will continue to serve as sadkatul jariya for him.
May Allah have mercy on Shiekh AbdulJalil Dabo and make Aljanna firdausi his final destination

Abu Maigoro
Federal Housing Lugbe, Abuja

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