Throwback: How Ahmed Deedat Made People Speechless By Answering A Difficult Question About Heaven

Any scholar or preacher, irrespective of which religion he practices, must be always prepared for a day when one of his listeners, who accepts his messages or spurns them, will ask him a logical question that may be hard for an elite to answer. That preparation is among the strategies for public lecturing, enlightening, and inspiring.

No matter what a question is asked, Islamic scholars often have the high intelligence to answer it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Hadith. Especially when they participate in a debate with Christians, atheists, or polytheists.

Ahmed Deedat, a man who devoted much of his time to preach Islam, was asked by a group of people about the reality of the day of resurrection which can be like a hard puzzle for a random preacher to answer.

Actually, I come up with this story in order to serve as a lesson for all preachers around the world to always stay alert to any criticism they may face in their paths.

The question of the non-believers read;

“What if when you died and then realized that the day of resurrection, the paradise, the hell, the angels and Allah (God) were all fictions and lies while there would be nothing left for you, what would be your reaction?”

Can you guess what the brainy Deedat used to answer the question?

He just replied them confidently;

.“Well, your reaction would not be as worst as when you died and realize that the day of resurrection, the angels, the hellfire, the paradise and Almighty Allah are real and there is life after then.”

Following the answer, the non-believers who asked him the question went dumbfounded and the audience listening to him gave him a round of applause for the reasonable answer.

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