The Ultimate Truth… in less than five minutes

On one momentous Thursday, an Imam was struggling to prepare his Friday sermon and didn’t want to be disturbed by his five-year-old daughter, so he removed a map of the world from his study, tore it into pieces and gave it to her to assemble with the promise that he would answer all her questions and play with her when she was done.

He knew she would never be able to fix it.

To his amazement, in less than five minutes, she returned to him in his study with the map in perfect shape, every continent and every country in its place.

The surprised father asked,

“Honey, you don’t know anything about geography, so how did you fix the world so easily and quickly?”

The five-year-old girl smiled sweetly and replied,

”The picture of of THE HOLY QU’R’AN and the inscription LA ILLAHA ILLALLAHA MUHAMMADU ROSULULLAH was at back of the map and I knew that if ALLAH, His MESSENGER and QUR’AN are put in the right place, the whole world would be in perfect shape’.

That was just the right inspiration he needed for his sermon. He thanked his daughter and prepared a powerful sermon on the subject: “Fix Your World By Placing ALLAH, His MESSENGER and the QUR’AN in the Right Place in your heart “.

To whoever is reading this message, just place ALLAH, His MESSENGER and QUR’AN in the rightful place and your life will be in order.

I hope you understand this just like I do.

Share and spread it to the world, let them know that THEIR WORLD CAN NOT BE COMPLETELY FIXED WITHOUT ALLAH and His MESSENGER!!!

May Allah guide us in doing this. Ameen

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