The Place of Northern Christians in National and Northern Politics in the Post-2023 Era

By Ameenu A. Aym

Speaking in general terms, the politics of 2023 elections has shown how Northern Christians negatively over exposed themselves to be more bigoted than Muslims in the North, and more bigoted than Christians from the South.

Northern Christians have shown themselves to be a people whom the larger Muslim population in the North would never trust to act as their representatives or with political power, even on a sub regional level.

No national politician worth his salt such as Tinubu will ever trust them or their leadership again.

They will continue to be used as canon fodder during national elections in an effort to swing symbolic votes that would always end up not determining victory such as in Kaduna State in 2019 and 2023, and against Buhari in the North during the 2015 and 2019 presidential polls.

They would continue to be led like sheep to slaughter and used to fester ethnic and religious conflicts in the North by their cash and carry bigoted politicians, clerics and elders.

Regardless of Tinubu’s win or not (God forbid), the Yoruba establishment and the South West press that have provided media cover, attracted underserved public sympathy to their side in their violent, atrocious and bloody campaign of violence against Hausa and Fulani in minority Christian majority areas would now have no choice but have a rethink, and withdraw the propaganda and disinformation campaign they waged against the Hausa and Fulani people in favour of northern Christians, especially seeing how the Hausa and Fulani+ Kanuri people teamed up to emerge as the backbone of the Tinubu candidacy from his victory at the primaries to general elections.

Even the people of SS such as Wike would see through their serial betrayal as personified by Gov. Ortom’s last minute turn-coatism to back away from the stand of the G5 to support the stand of his Christian brethren in the North and throw his weight in support of Peter Obi !

The northern Christians are the new political Igbo to emerge out of the 2023 elections, especially with the way and manner they allowed their hatred for Northern Muslims and Islam to expose their inner-most and core hatred for anything Islam and the North.

The elders, clergy and supporters from the fold of the pentecostal pastopreneurs helped the Northern Christians in this campaign as they all went gaga and reckless with pronouncements from the pulpits: that they are out to show Muslims that they are greater in numbers and so must determine who must rule over Nigeria, that a Christian must emerge as President.

One mad Igbo pastor based in Abuja in a congregation filled with his Igbo and Northern Christian brethren openly declared war against Northerners and Muslims in general.

He went as far as to wield an AK-47 in the full glare of the public, and in a church used the illegal firearm to preach from the pulpit and called for a war against his imaginary Muslim enemies during and after the 2023 polls !

The North East would in future never forget how Northern Christians turned their back on their two sons, one contesting as President and the other as a VP candidate after allowing dozens of minority Northern Christians to represent the zone and the North in national positions…

The NE would never allow a Northern Christian such as Dogara or Babacir etc to represent their zone in any national position again.

The NW would say we know them and have said a lot about their bigotry in the past but nobody believed us until now !

Like the Igbos of the SE, Northern Christians would emerge as the new crybabies and inheritors of the victimhood tag from the Igbos post 2023.

They placed all their political eggs in one basket …

Marginalisation awaits them at the gates and in place of the easy patronage they enjoyed in the past, both from the north and nationally too.

As they always say in the North: “Fear who no dey fear Northern Christian” !

February 25th, 2023.

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