THE ABOKI MAN: A piece for you to ponder

George Udom wrote:
To my brothers down south especially those planning to sit at home tomorrow (MONDAY) here is a piece for you to ponder:


I read a comment in a particular post on my wall, an Igbo man replied someone with this – “Wow, i never knew an aboki could write English like this”…. blah blah blah.. this is how i replied him–

Aboki only writes and speak English under duress. because already he has a matured, developed language to speak and to write with!

He has had a civilised administrative system before the whites ever thought of coming.

Aboki wore clothes at a time when the “noisy neighbors” were roaming around naked!

Aboki established the “biggest”, most sophisticated empire in west Africa as far back as the 18th century.

Aboki, just like the English, French, Chinese, could read and write in his own language as far back as the 14th century.

The architectural masterpiece of the Aboki was there for everyone as far back as 1423.

Aboki was never enslaved, nor sold to slavery or chained like an animal by any European or Caucasian race !

The Aboki people are the largest and most spread people in West Africa !

Aboki language is most widely spoken language in West Africa, third most in Africa !

Aboki language is so important!, that the British, American, German, French, and Chinese broadcasting all have it’s service being aired !

The aboki was the richest in the 50’s (Alhassan Dantata), richest in the 80’s (Maideribe), and richest in the 21st century (Dangote).

And these were what the whites observed before they decided bequeathing “ruling power” to the Aboki when they were leaving.

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