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Hadith on the Prophet (pbuh)’s Wudoo

Alu’ Aqeel narrated: That he heard al Harith, the freed slave of "Uthman  (رضي الله عنه), say: "Uthman sat down one day and we sat down with him. The Mu’adhdhin came to him and "Uthman called for water in a vessel which I thought would contain one mudd. He did wudoo", then he said: I […]
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Prophet Muhammad cartoons ‘an insult to Muslims and Christians alike’, French archbishop says

A French archbishop has warned of the dangers of publishing offensive cartoons, noting there are limits to freedom of expression amid renewed tensions between France and the Muslim world. The Archbishop of Toulouse Robert Le Gall said he opposed the publishing of caricatures insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, saying “there are limits to freedom of speech”.