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Hajj: The Sacrifice of Ismail – IslamiCity

BY: ALI SHARIATI    SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  JUL 16, 2021 After you have shot the last idol, offer the sacrifice immediately since these three idols are the statues of trinity and the symbols of three, satanic stages. Always be conscious of your intention and do not forget its meaning! Know what you are doing and why? The rituals should […]
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Haajar, the Migrant: Symbol of Dignity

 BY: SADULLAH KHAN    ISLAMICITY JUN 21, 2021 Hajj is a symbolic demonstration of Muslims unity and harmony; of equality and humility. It is a perpetuation of the legacy of the house of Abraham (peace be upon them). Prophet Abraham was the first to announce the pilgrimage to hijjul-bayt/ journey to the House; a “house” whose grandeur lies […]