Tablighi Jamaat Has Been Banned In Saudi Arabia

December 13, 2021

Referred to as ‘one of the gates of terrorism,’ Tablighi Jamaat has been banned throughout Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia announced that the Tablighi Jamaat had been banned in the Kingdom because it is considered a “danger to society” and “one of the gates of terrorism.”

The Minister of Islamic affairs, Dr. Abdullatif Alsheikh, who announced on social media Twitter on Monday, December 6, 2021, also called on mosques to warn people about the danger that Tablighi Jamaat and Da’wah groups poses to society and avoid associating with them during the Friday Sermon.

Dr. Abdullatif also asked the imams to include several topics that should be included in the Friday Sermon in relation to the Tablighi Jamaat. The first thing is that they should consist of a “declaration of the misguidance, deviations, and dangers of this group” and emphasize that this group is one of the gates of terrorism even if they claim otherwise.

Jamaah Tablighi (preacher’s organization), founded in 1926 by Maulana Ilyas Khandelwi, is a Sunni Islamic missionary movement that focuses on encouraging and reaching out to ordinary Muslims to revive their faith to follow the pure form of Sunni Islam, especially in terms of rituals, dress, and personal behavior.

The group claims to have sent different groups of people (called Jamaat) worldwide to various mosques to preach to others about Islam.

To date, Jamaah Tablighi members are estimated at 400 million followers worldwide and spread over 150 countries. in recent years, other groups have often criticized this group for being too political.

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