Sultan of Sokoto urges FG to store food, says global famine looms

agency report
Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has urged leaders in the country to begin storing food, noting that global famine was looming.

The Sultan spoke on Thursday during the opening ceremony of the third Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria National Summit of Peaceful Coexistence and Nation Building, in Gombe.

The traditional ruler’s call comes just as economic and humanitarian experts have predicted an imminent food crisis especially if the government and people are not prepared ahead of time.

“I would like to call on the state governors to make sure that they make an adequate supply of food in store for the common man in anticipation of a possible shortage of food in the world. At the right time, subsidize it so that the common man can afford it,” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted the Sultan.

“This is because a hungry man is an angry man. Without food there will be no peace and without peace there will be no security,” he added.

Mr Abubakar decried the prevailing insecurity in the country, noting that the situation, particularly in the northern part of the country, has gotten out of hand.

“Let us not deceive ourselves that things are right; things are not right, we know it and we have seen so much in our lives.

“It doesn’t take anybody to know that Nigeria is in a very bad situation and it is a fact,” he said.

The Sultan, however, hammered on the need for people to tolerate and understand each other because Allah created people to live together.

“God wants us together. That was why he created and allowed us to live together, tolerate and understand ourselves.

“No religion preaches intolerance, both the Bible and Qur’an tell us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and even more than ourselves.

“I am appealing to all of us to implement what we will learn in this fora, and not forget what we have learned after the programme,” he said.

Earlier, in his opening remark, Lawal Maidoki, the President, Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria, described Nigeria as a multi-cultural and religious society where people of different beliefs have found themselves to live side by side, hence the need to understand each other.

He said some rotten eggs amongst the citizenry create hatred, mistrust and stereotypes, unwanted killings, causing damage to lives and everything we depend on.

“Irrespective of religious racial differences we must live in peace with one another,” he urged.

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