Stop destabilising Nigeria, MMWG warns political class

Jun 4, 2021


THE Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG) has called on the federal and state governments to stop flexing muscles over the open grazing system of cattle rearing, restructuring and other contentious issues that have heated up the polity in recent time.

This is just as it traced the challenges confronting the country to political and separatist tendencies and permutations in disregard for the country’s interest.

The MMWG, in a statement by its Ogun State coordinator, Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde, accused the political class of taking advantage of the country’s diversity to promote selfish agenda and undermine the country’s corporate existence.

The group described cooperation, understanding, patriotism and the rule of law as a recipe for overcoming the myriad of problems facing the country.

The MMWG decried the discordant tunes in government circles and the pursuit of selfish agenda by political, ethnic and religious leaders.

It cautioned the leaders and their aides against making inflammatory statements capable of generating tension and disquiet under the guise of defending government actions and inaction.

It enjoined the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) to exercise magnanimity on issues by exploring a more constructive engagement with critical stakeholders at proffering solutions to the country’s challenges.

The group emphasised a robust approach to dealing with the vexed issue of open grazing and canvassed for a holistic measure that could guarantee an enduring and sustainable peace.

The MMWG also implored the Federal Government to address genuine concerns about restructuring as a way of ensuring a cohesive and united Nigeria and discourage the clamour for self-rule.

It noted that the pluralism of the Nigerian state had made it compelling for political leaders to institute a system that would ensure even distribution of resources for an all-round development of the country.

The group advocated the promotion of fairness, equity and justice in the allocation of resources and infrastructure to resolve issues undermining “our survival as a nation.”

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