Start-Up Firm Unveils Crowdfunding App For Mosques

Afirm, Sabil Technologies, has unveiled a mobile application enabling online donations to faith-based charities and mosques.

The application, Paysabil, which aimed to connect donors, mosques and charity organizations on the same platform, eases ways of giving out sadaqah, (voluntary charity).

The founder of PaySabil, Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu, explained that the app would spur development in mosques since the religious sector is yet to explore digital avenues.

In an interview with Daily Trust in Kaduna, he noted that lack of digital form of sadaqah was hindering mosques from getting required donations despite the proliferation of mobile pay services in the country.

“Most of us find ourselves in a situation where we want to give out sadaqah to a mosque but cannot due to unavailability of POS when you are without an ATM and without cash.”

He added that the app was created to facilitate sadaqah payment for those who are not available in a state as well as women who couldn’t go to mosque due to various reason.

He stated that currently, over 200 organizations have applied and verified to use the service.

While explaining that each donation goes directly to the bank account of beneficiaries, Ibrahim urged Muslims to adopt digital avenues in giving out charity as it provides a means to attain maximum benefits of sadaqah.

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