Spiritual Distancing

Spiritual Distancing – A Poem by Salah Dandan

When you stopped receiving me, along with countless other suitors at your weekly audience, I thought it was cruel but fleeting.

Then you shuttered your doors to all passers by, revoking permission to call on you at dusk and morrow.

Will you even bar me and my rivals from coming to your house from every deep expanse for the assembly?

While now I thirst during the day seeking to soften our estrangement, I wonder if you have an interest in quenching the flames of my yearning.

And while you may be closer to me than blood flowing through my veins, it’s the distance between you and me that ails me.

Salah Dandan is a resident of the Greater Seattle Area. He is a lawyer and business development executive with an extensive background in international business transactions, M&A, asset management, intellectual property, content and technology licensing, strategic alliances, and distribution.

Source: IslamiCity May 5, 2020

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