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Sheikh of al-Azhar: Burning the Qur’an is an act of terrorism

Al-Tayeb’s words here are carefully chosen. If ever challenged as to whether he condemns terrorism, he can say, why, yes, of course he does, with this in mind. Meanwhile, he can participate with his friend Pope Francis in interfaith counterterror efforts, working to get blasphemy against Islam included in definitions of terrorism accepted among non-Muslims. This is all part of the years-long effort by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other Islamic authorities to compel the West to accept Sharia blasphemy restrictions and criminalize criticism of Islam.

“Burning Quran an Act of Terrorism: Al-Azhar Chief, IQNA, September 2, 2020:

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Sheikh of Egypt’s al-Azhar Islamic Center denounced recent moves to desecrate the Holy Quran in Sweden and Norway.

In a message posted on Facebook, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyeb described burning the Quran as an act of terrorism, al-Alam TV reported.

This is a racist move and a hate crime that all human civilizations oppose, he said.

Those who committed this crime should realize that they hurt the feelings of more than a billion Muslims, the cleric deplored.

Muslim countries have strongly condemned recent incidents in Sweden and Norway in which copies of the Holy Quran were desecrated….

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