Shari’a Council lauds el-Rufai for demolishing ‘sex party’ hotel

January 2, 2021

By  AbdulRaheem Aodu


The Supreme Council for Shari’a in Nigeria (SCSN) has commended Governor Nasir el-Rufai for taking drastic action against organisers of Kaduna Sex Party including demolishing venue of the aborted party.

According to the Council, the actions taken to sanction the organisers of the “immoral party” are in order as it would deter others from such acts, noting that the spate of banditry, armed robbery, kidnappings and host of other vices currently bedeviling Nigeria are as a result of the derailment of Nigerians from ideal moral values

SCSN Secretary, Engr. AbdurRahman Hassan in a statement on Friday said, “Allah (SWT) stated categorically in Suratul Hajj verse 41, thus: “Those who, when We empower them in the land, observe prayer, and give regular charity, and command what is right, and forbid what is wrong. To Allah belongs the outcome of events.”

“In line with this verse, the Supreme Council for Shari’a as an advocate of moral and social values commends the steps taken by the Kaduna state government on the arrest of the organizers of the Satanic so called “Kaduna Sex Party” and the demolition of Asher Hotel at Barnawa, Kaduna.

“No doubt this kind of illicit act is one of the ingredients that is fueling the wrath of Allah (SWT) that we are inflicted with currently. The current merciless bloodletting through banditry, kidnappings, armed robbery, and host of other vices, are as a result of our derailment from ideal moral and cultural values. 

“While we commend the Kaduna state government for this commendable act, we also call on the government to scan for such places where illicit acts are perpetrated in the state, such as ‘Ajagunle’ area, off Maiduguri Road, in Kaduna North Local Government, where ‘Nude’ clubs do exist.

“May Allah strengthen our leaders to do right, may He protect our Imaan,” Malam Hassan prayed.

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