Saudi Arabia Bans Pilgrims From Carrying Luggage At Jamarat Stoning Path

By Joshua Odeyemi

Mon Aug 12 2019

Pilgrims have been prohibited from carrying luggage while walking to the Jamarat in Mina to observe the symbolic stoning of three devils.

The step, which was taken to guarantee security, led to the collection of umbrellas and other prohibited luggage from several pilgrims on Sunday.

The Saudi authorities have been issuing constant messages to boost security during the Hajj exercise.

In one of the messages, the pilgrims were advised to commit to groups’ schedule timing for Jamarat to further enhance safety.

The Saudi government particularly advised the pilgrims to coordinate with their camp guides to familiarise themselves with the roads and pathways to and from the Jamarat.

In an earlier text message sent to pilgrims, random camping in Mina was also prohibited, while the pilgrims were told that praying in the floor around the Kaaba might hinder people circulating around the House of Allah (Tawaaf).

Meanwhile, pilgrims have continued to walk to the Jamarat in Mina to throw pebbles at the pillars after spending some time on the plains of Arafaat and the rocky terrain in Muzdalifah from Saturday to Sunday.

The Sunnah (teachings of the noble Prophet) enjoins all pilgrims to stay back in Mina for three or four days to stone the devil for two or three days before going back to Makkah.

Within the three days, the pilgrims make their Hadaya, or Fidya as expiation for some wrongs, if any, they committed during the Hajj exercise.

They are expected, within these three days, to continue supplication, glorifying Allah, asking for forgiveness, and performing all recommended and acceptable acts of worship, that earn one abundant reward from Allah.

It is expected that majority of Nigerian pilgrims would return to Makkah on Tuesday (tomorrow) to start preparation for their homeward journey scheduled to begin on August 17, 2019.

Almost 2.5 million Muslims, from all over the world, are participating in this year’s hajj.

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