Below are more Islamic banks discovered from my findings across Europe, US, and the Canada the centers of Christians and Christianity in the world.

  1. Islamic Bank of Britain
  2. Al Rayan Bank of England.
  3. Habib Bank of Canada
  4. Kuveturk Bank of Germany
  5. Maldives Islamic Bank
  6. Finance Islamique Bank of France
  7. Halal Bank of England
  8. Habib Bank of Switzerland

The aforementioned are just few, there are 350 Islamic banks and financial institutions now operating in over 60 countries in different regions, including Switzerland, the United States of America, France, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, India, China, and Australia.

It baffle me, when CAN, Plateau state chapter, recently rejected the renovation of Jos terminus market by Jaiz bank for being an Islamic bank, because it involves Muslims and Islam.

I think CAN chapter in Plateau state doesn’t know and fails to investigate the reasons why the State government wants to sign an MoU with the Jaiz Bank to do the renovation for being an interest free Bank, or CAN just choose to hate the bank for being Islamic and has things in common to Muslims and Islam.

This is not the first time, sometimes ago, the national body of Christians Association of Nigeria, CAN, called for the rejection and rejected the SUKUK bonds from Islamic banks, called is a target to Islamize Nigeria by the FG embarking to go for the bonds to finance infrastructural development in the country.

My questions to CAN are:

~ Is Nigeria a Christian Country?

~Is Nigeria more Christianized than the Europe, where the Vertican City and the seat of the Pope situated?

~If Islamic banks have never Islamized the Europeans and the Americans by embracing the banks for being free interest, How can such banks ever Islamise Nigeria,
a country with almost 60% of its population are Muslims?

~ Is CAN really defending Christians and Christianity or CAN is fighting Islam, Muslims and Fulanis in this country?

~ What is the fear, the islamaphobia, and the conspiracy by CAN all about?

My take:
Since CAN is fighting Islamic Banks, SUKUK bond, and anything relating to Islam, and Muslims, I hereby advice CAN leaders to call on all the Christian in this country to avoid plying roads and bridges constructed with the resources from SUKUK bonds for coming from Islamic banks.

The roads constructed by the use of SUKUK bonds are

  1. Kaduna -Abuja
  2. Enugu -Onitsha
  3. Ibadan -Lagos
  4. Abuja-Lokoja
  5. Kano- Maiduguri
  6. Kontagora -Sokoto
  7. Lagos -Benin and so on.

Likewise, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, should tell Christians working with Jaiz bank to also quit their jobs at the bank to avoid getting Islamised with the sharia bank.

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