September 26, 2023

Rebellion in Russia is a gift for Ukrainian offensive – CNN


Sat, June 24, 2023 at 1:25 PM GMT+1

The rebellion in Russia has started at the best possible moment for the Ukrainian offensive, writes CNN, and is likely to change the course of the war in Ukraine’s favour.

Quote: “Chaos in the Kremlin couldn’t come at a better time for Ukraine… What Russian President Vladimir Putin described as an ‘armed rebellion’ by Wagner mercenaries is a godsend for a country that has been preparing for months to launch a counteroffensive aimed at dealing a body-blow to the Russian military.

… The word of the day in Ukraine is ‘Schadenfreude’ – pleasure felt at another’s misfortune.”

Details: On Friday, 23 June, a CNN film crew was near the front line in southern Ukraine. Journalists report seeing “an extensive concentration of troops and weapons”, including the latest Western weapons, ready to go on the offensive.

Speaking about Ukraine’s “Schadenfreude”, CNN mentioned a video that people actively shared on social media, in which Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was an actor at that time, is sitting in a comfortable chair, opening a beer and taking up a bowl of popcorn, smiling.

Quote from CNN: “[The insurrection] will likely alter the course of the war in Kyiv’s favor. But rebellions rarely end in Russia – or anywhere – with the results they set out to achieve. The 1917 removal of Tsar Nicholas II in Russia turned into the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin and then the Soviet Empire.

As this rare Jacobean drama of Russian basic human frailty plays out, it is not inevitable that improvements will follow. Prigozhin may not win, and the foundations of the Kremlin’s control may not collapse. But a weakened Putin may do irrational things to prove his strength.”

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