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Reasons Why Muslims Made More Scientific Discoveries In The Past

Between the 8th and 12th centuries, Muslims were known to be the best in terms of scientific discoveries. That’s why they called it the dark ages for Europeans.

Almost all the theorems in basic mathematics and other science subjects were discovered by Muslims. Even in geography or biology. Think of any subject, Muslims have been the majority of scientists who discovered what we learn in school today.

Here are some of the past discoveries by Muslim scientists:

1. Did you know that the first person who discovered the blood circulation in our body systems was Ibn Nafees? They won’t tell you that in school. Below is the verse of the Quran that talks about blood circulation.

Did you know that the Pythagorean theorem was discovered by a Muslim known as Al Tusi?

Did you know that the father of trigonometry was also a Muslim. The same as the father of Algebra. And today, you can’t call yourself a mathematician if you don’t know those topics.

Below are the other scientific discoveries that can be traced to Muslim scientists.

But why Muslims of today are moving backward in terms of scientific discoveries and technologies?

The main reason is that we are moving far away from the Quran and the sunnah of the prophet. If you read the Quran very well, you will know a lot of things that have been discovered by scientists and which have not been discovered. Our past scientists were very closed to the Quran. All the discoveries were found in the Holy Quran.

Let us all read and learn the Quran and follow the teachings of the Prophet. Kindly share with people to benefit from this kind of message. May Allah reward us abundantly.

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