Putin’s limo is just like Biden’s Beast and can withstand bomb attacks

March 29, 2022

Vladimir Putin's hi-tech Aurus Kortezh limousine (Pictures: Getty/Russian Cars Industry)
Vladimir Putin’s hi-tech limo was first unveiled at his fourth inauguration ceremony (Pictures: Getty/Russian Cars Industry)

The question on everyone’s minds is whether Vladimir Putin is compensating for something with his 23ft long James Bond-like car.

Russia’s leader is famous for his expensive taste, and his £300,000 bling watches and a £2,000 silk and cashmere tracksuit have made headlines in the past.

So far, it is unclear whether the hi-tech Aurus Kortezh limousine he uses, rumoured to cost around £150million, is part of this luxurious lifestyle or perhaps a security measure.

Some of the car’s most impressive features include run-flat tyres, night-vision cameras, 6cm reinforced glass, an air compression system, armour plating and an emergency exit through the boot.

The seven-seater car can also withstand chemical gas attacks and bombings, and is able to be fully submerged in water, according to the Mirror.

The commercial sale of Kortezh models, designed and manufactured in Russia, began a year later.

It was unveiled during Putin’s fourth inauguration in May 2018, replacing the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman.

Russian President Vladimir Putin drives the Aurus presidential limousine (Picture: AFP)
The Russian president is known for his paranoia when it comes to his security (Picture: AFP)
Vladimir Putin arrives by his Aurus Senat limousine to the flower laying ceremony at Red Square (Picture: Getty)
His Aurus Kortezh limousine measures at 23ft (Picture: Getty)
Interior of Vladimir Putin's Bond-style car (Picture: Russian Cars Industry)
The vehicle boasts run-flat tyres, night-vision cameras and 6cm reinforced glass (Picture: Russian Cars Industry)
Vladimir Putin in Aurus Senat limo arrives in Ankara, Turkey (Picture: Getty)
The six-seater is rumoured to cost some £150million (Picture: Getty)

The war in Ukraine has attracted heavy criticism in Russia, including from some of his closest allies, who believe it will have ‘catastrophic’ consequences for the economy.

His impressive car might prove useful to him, as experts suggest the likelihood of assassination attempts are growing as the Kremlin cracks down on protest and opposition.

Just days ago, also reported Putin is at risk of a coup by his own security service, according to a whistleblower at the heart of Russian intelligence.

Activist Vladimir Osechkin, who the source spoke to, said: ‘For 20 years Putin created stability in Russia.

‘Federal Security Services officers, policemen, state prosecutors – those people inside the system – were able to live good lives.

‘But now that has all gone. They recognise that this war is a catastrophe for the economy – for humanity. They don’t want to go back to the Soviet Union.’

Today’s renewed peace talks between the two countries taking place in Turkey has brought security concerns of its own.

It comes after the suspected poisoning of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich and two Ukrainian officials on March 3.

It is as yet unclear who could be behind the incident but if the Kremlin is not the culprit, this can only heighten Putin’s paranoia.

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