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June 11, 2023

As salaam alaykum waramatullah wabaraqatuh

The Ten days of Dhul Hajj are almost here❗

Did you plan them as to what deeds you will perform on these days❓

If not then do it please, because these days will run out and you won’t even know‼️

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail⁉️

This is the time to capitalize on doing business with Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, grab as much rewards as possible by doing good deeds‼️

During these 10 days have a reward better than fighting in the cause of Allah‼️

Below are some checklists for performing some of the deeds as a reference‼️

  1. Give love to your parents, smile at them, kiss them, hug them, make them feel special, as they used to do when you were kids.
  2. Be dutiful to your parents, because one of the major sin after shirk is being undutiful to the parents.
  3. Feed the birds and cats with water / grains / milk etc.
  4. Take cold water and distribute to those working under the sun,
    like laborers, cleaners, your staffs, passerby or any one in need.
  5. Going to Salah / Prayer on time.
    Read Quran as much as you can, listen to good lectures.
  6. In these days, visit patients, old relatives, feed people.
  7. Try to fast all the 9 days. Everyday you fast is like 70 years away from Jahannum.
    And it will help you stay away from Haram things, In’sha’Allah.
  8. If not 9 days then fast at least on the day of Arafah. It wipes 2 years of sins.
  9. On the day of Aarafa, recite the dua most beloved to Allah
    subhanahu wa ta’ala on the day of Arafa that is….
    “Laa ilaha illallahu wahdahu laa sharikalahu lahul mulku walahul
    hamdu wahuwa ala kullishaiin qadeer ” !!
  10. Give lots of Sadaqa.
  11. Stay away from Music and Video songs and all the filth found on the web.
  12. Don’t waste your time on Facebook posts, it eats your time like the disease that eats healthy cells in the body.
  13. Do Dawah and guide the Non Muslim brothers and sisters to the truth, even a verse.
  14. Read Qur’an all the time during these days.
  15. Forward this to all you know, As most of the people don’t know about these days or are in ignorance or busy with
    unimportant things.

Rasool Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, ” These are the best days in our Dunya “the First ten days of dhul hajj”.

Oh Allah guide us all and strengthen our Imaan. Aamin.

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