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10 Famous Celebrities That You May Not Know Are Muslims

Islam is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world. The religion is spread across many countries all over the world. Out of these

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The 13 Illuminati Families Who Secretly Rule The World

Information has begun circulating on the internet which may cast some light on the internal structure of the highly sinister and


Summary of the Medical Conference on Malignant Diseases in Berlin – Germany

No to reusing oil No powdered milk No Maggie Cubes No carbonated juice (32 sugar cubes per liter) No processed sugars No microwave No prenatal mammogram,

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Dua for Anxiety – Perfect Dua To Calm Your Mind, 2021  Anxiety is a term used to describe high stressful conditions that raise extreme fear like uncertainty and dread.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of ‘Insha’Allah’

The Islamic phrase “insha’Allah” is well known by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. But do we really understand what it means or when and

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Famous Qur’an Reciters In the World (photos)

The Islamic Scholars who have received the Blessing of reading the Qur’an with a sweet voice are called Qaris. The Quran is an excellent bit of