On the APC Muslim/Muslim ticket of Tinubu and Shettima

Ikechukwu Uche observed:

There’s a reason the Republican party has never fielded a black or Latino candidate not even as a running mate.
It is not because they do not like the idea of diversity nor is it because Republicans are so racist.
It is simply because they understand far too well that even if they field Martin Luther King Jr on a republican platform, they’ll never get the votes of African Americans.
The Nigeria southern Christians have never hidden their disdain for the APC since 2015 election. Their northern Christian counterparts have always been a strong voting block for the PDP since 1999.

Why in God’s name would any reasonable political party give their ticket to a people who will never vote for them in the first place.
Northern Christians will vote for PDP even if a Pope is made the APC running mate and so will their southern Christian counterparts.

The Christains in the south who would vote for Tinubu will vote for Tinubu regardless of who his running mate is. Those voters are already locked in.
Those moaning, grumbling and whining actually were hoping Tinubu would pick a Christian running mate and fail so they’ll say I told you so.

I know a supporter of Osinbajo who hoped Tinubu picks a Christian running mate, lose to Atiku so Osinbajo will have the opportunity to run in 2027.
Genuine APC and Tinubu voters do not care. Only those who never really liked Asiwaju are busy hitting their heads on the wall.
You can only pacify those who are logical.

You can never pacify an emotional or sentimental person. Their anger is in the viability of the ticket. It was a political coup Asiwaju just pulled off against the opposition. They’ve only activated CAN and Media Vuvuzelas to do the wailing on their behalf.

They set a trap for him and tried to blackmail him into falling into that trap
Unfortunately for them he didn’t bite the bait and they are lashing out.

In 2011 ACN ran a Muslim/ Muslim ticket and nobody raised any dust about because it was simply a PDP show and they knew ACN didn’t stand a chance.
The present anger you see all over the place is because even they have secretly conceded the 2023 election to Tinubu and the APC in the inner recesses of their hearts.

On the accusations of ARROGANCE on the part of APC, Tinubu and his supporters in regard to the Muslim Muslim ticket of APC, Emeka Anthony Opah has this to say:

The arrogance charge should be heaped on the doorsteps of Christian groups who have polarized the country along dangerous political lines. Recall that under Shagari, Ekwueme, Wayas, and Ume Ezeoke were all christians and I never heard the Moslems complain.
The increasing influence of rich Pentecostal pastors is at the root of it all. They are arrogant, threatening and downright daring to authorities. I can’t recall Buhari tagged an ethnic or religious bigot in his previous presidential contests, but the moment they saw he was positioned to win in 2015, they threw the religious stink at him and whipped up a religion frenzy that has never been witnessed in Nigeria.
Now Tinubu, who has never been tarred with religion all his life is all of a sudden going to be defined by his religion?
No it is not arrogance, APC cannot hide the choices it has made just to molly cuddle the same hypocrites that started the religious ember. People should stop crying wolf and go vote their parties. There should be no apologies. If you win you win, if you lose you lose with all your chest.


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