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No Moon Sighted For New Islamic Year — NSCIA

The National Moon Sighting Committee (NMSC) under the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has said that there was no report of the sighting of the new moon of Muharram 1442 A.H.

This means that Thursday is Dhul-Hijja 1441 A.H, while Friday automatically becomes 1st Muharram, the Muslim New Year of 1442 A.H.

“As at 7:38pm, there was no report of the sighting of the new moon in the country, thus the Sultan did not declare Thursday as the first day of Muharram, New Year 1442 A.H.

“This means that tomorrow (Thursday) is 30th Dhul Hijja 1441 and Friday becomes the first Muharram of the New Year,” a member of the NMSC, Sheik Salihu Muhammad Yakub, told Daily Trust on Wednesday night.

Daily Trust reports that Prof. Sambo Wali Junaidu, the Wazirin Sokoto and Chairman, Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs, Sultanate Council, Sokoto, in a statement on Monday said that Wednesday, 19th August, 2020, equivalent to 29th Zulhijja 1441AH shall be the day to look for the new moon of Muharram 1442 AH.


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