National Zakat Day: Al-Habibiyyah Islamic society distributes N10m

March 12, 2022

The Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society has distributed N10 million to 110 recipients including five Christians to reduce inequalities and eradicate poverty in commemoration of the National Zakat Day. 

The National Chief Imam of the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, Imam Fuad Adeyemi, further said the essence of it this was because Allah has ordered that they are entitled to at least 12.2 percent of the total collection. 

The Chief Imam while speaking at the maiden edition of the National Zakat Day held at the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic centre in Guzape, Abuja on Saturday said in the Muslim system, Zakat functions as a means to reduce inequalities and eradicate poverty adding that  Zakat means growth, extension, and purification.

Other Items to be distributed include; barbing equipment welding, carpentry, provision and other artisan equipment as scholarships will be given and school fees paid for the indigent students.

Imam Adeyemi called on Muslims nationwide to purify their wealth by paying zakat and when in doubt about their status, they should contact them to help them determine their status. 

He said if all Muslims who are eligible to pay zakat actually does so in an open and transparent manner, many of the vices we have in the country today will be eliminated.

He further explained that it is the view of the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic society that payment of zakat has the capacity to reduce if not eliminate banditry. 
In his words “It is a usually annual premium charged on all accumulated productive wealth and on a variety of agricultural produce.

“The essence is to continuously, on an annual basis, hold this event to continue to create awareness on the importance of the payment of Zakat. 

“The money being utilised for this are Zakat from four donors. One of the payers of Zakat Hajia Safurat Niniola the National Secretary of Al-Habibiyyah Women’s Forum died less than 3 weeks ago, she died on the 24th of February. 

“Established in 2009, the Al-Habibiyyah Zakat & Empowerment Foundation (AHZEF), an arm of the Society has been collecting and disbursing zakat, periodically to selected beneficiaries in very strict compliance with Quranic injunction.

“Since its inception, the Foundation has collected and publicly disbursed over Sixty million naira to various categories of beneficiaries with bias for education and women. 

“70% of the funds were used to buy income generating materials such as Sewing/Designing Tailoring machines, pumping machine for irrigation farming activities. Grinding machines, welding machines, Generators, Barbing/ hair dressing equipment, fridges and freezers.

“This year’s theme is Zakat: Pivot for Poverty Eradication. We want to use this theme to highlight the significance of poverty eradication which we believe can be achieved through Zakat if all those eligible to pay actually make the payment.

“For this to happen, we want to announce to the world today that we have competent Zakat officers who can help individuals to determine if they can pay zakat and how much they are eligible to pay.

“Our very well committed Zakat Accessors will access your income viz-a-viz expenditure then help you determine what you should pay,” he said. 

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