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Muslim Revert Helped 1000 People to Convert to Islam in Belgium

Have you ever heard the term ‘Christian Missionary’? Most of us must have heard about it, I guess.

They are a group of highly trained priests and scholars who go to poor and starving countries and convert local population into Christianity either by giving monetary supplies or by forcing them.

That’s how Christianity flourished in most of the Asian and Latin American countries.

Now come towards Islam, the second largest religion of the world and also the fastest growing religion on the planet. Does Islam have anything like missionary group on a global scale – the answer is no.

So how Islam is growing so rapidly in this world? The answer lies in the story mentioned below. But before we jump to the story, let us have a piece of advice from the great Muslim Caliph and Companion of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), Umar ibn Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him)

He said: “Invite people to Islam even without words.” They asked: How? He replied “With your Manners.”

Invite people without speaking with them let alone forcing them and alluring them.

Our sister from Belgium, Veronique Cools, not only converted to Islam while she was a teenager but also helped around 1000 people to understand and convert to Islam.

She did all this without a single help from anybody else and why would she need help when she can inspire people just by preaching and following the religion of Allah.

Sister Veronique reverted to Islam when she was a teenager. She is 31 years old now and during past years she helped many people to embrace Islam.

As Islam is a minority but significant religion in Belgium, Cools got attracted towards it easily. She was influenced by the behaviors of her Muslim friends at school.

Veronique was intrigued and fascinated by the religion so she started doing her research about Islam and Muslims. She sought help through religious classes by Turkish scholars in Belgium.

In a matter of time, Veronique got convinced that Islam is a true religion and she can reach God through it. She embraced Islam.

But, in the beginning it was not easy for her. The Belgian population had negative views about Islam in their minds and this was perpetrated by media agencies.

She had to face the anger of her family who weren’t ready to accept her conversion to Islam. But soon after through her hard work and determination and most importantly with the help of Allah, she not only convinced her family but also made them accept it.

She portrayed the true pictures of Islam and broke down all their prejudices that they had against it.

She with the help of her family members managed to convert the ground floor of her house into an Islamic Center for Belgian Muslims seeking to learn more about Islam.

She opened the Islamic Center for Non-Muslims and invited them to visit it anytime they wish to. Gradually, the non-Muslim Belgians started visiting it and learning new things about Islam which were contrary to what they learnt through media.

They enjoyed exploring the true religion as Allah wished them for. Soon peoples’ prejudices against Islam washed away.

She says that becoming a Muslim in modern day Europe isn’t easy at all but being Muslim at the time of Prophet wasn’t easy too.

She blames lack of knowledge or incorrect knowledge as the reason behind prejudices against Islam. But according to her, Muslims should always work hard to break their stereotypes by patience, hard work and determination and showing true picture of Islam.

In 2014, through her Islamic center and organisation she managed to help 1000 Belgian people convert to Islam. She achieved this remarkable milestone in just 8 years after her conversion.

Most of the people who converted to Islam were Belgian women.

She believes that it is the wrong and negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims by media after 9/11 made fear, chaos, hatred and misconceptions about Islam in the mind of Belgian civilians and other Non-Muslims of the west.


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