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Muslim leaders express concern over Kashmir situation

Organization for Islamic Cooperation OIC Several leaders from Muslim countries, including top diplomats, condemned the annexation of Kashmir and demanded India withdraw armed forces from the Himalayan valley. The Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Human Rights Council, Adama Nana addressed a webinar organized by the World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) and condemned the yearlong lockdown and communication blackout in Indian-administered Kashmir. “The Indian government has persecuted human rights activists and innocent people on false charges under draconian laws which is a serious violation of international laws,” Nana said. The continued lockdown has caused a major economic loss to the region and residents of Kashmir which is deplorable as India purses the systemic persecution of Kashmiri Muslims, he added’. Pakistan Permanent Representative to the United Nations Munir Akram said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has closed all doors to dialogue and is using force against innocent people in Kashmir. “India have deployed over 900,000 troops in Kashmir and is carrying out atrocities against innocent people,” he said. Sami Al-Arian, Director of the Center for Islamic and Global Affairs of Turkey, said Kashmiris and Palestinian people are struggling for self-determination under military occupations and are facing racists and Zionist powers. “Both nations, Kashmiris and Palestinians, are suffering from poverty as occupation forces have caused them huge economic loss and using forces against innocent people,” Arian said. He lamented growing Islamophobia and said the Israel and Indian governments are promoting Islamophobia while world powers provide arms and economic assistance to both countries against innocent Muslims. Related

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