Muslim leader says ‘Islam is the second religion in France’

• Those who do not like us have only to leave France

The duty to assimilate and accept the values of the other culture belongs to French non-Muslims, not to Muslims. It is always this way: in any conflict between Sharia values and Western values, it is taken for granted by many Muslim leaders, and many non-Muslims as well, that it is Western values that must give way. Find out more about this phenomenon, and how it came to be, in Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?.

“Lyon: a hundred people demonstrate against racism and Islamophobia,” translated from “Lyon: une centaine de personnes ont manifesté contre le racisme et l’islamophobie,” Le Progrès, September 5, 2020:

The arson attacks on two mosques in the Lyon Metropolis continue to cause great emotion. Several associations (the Salam Association, the Coordination against Racism and Islamophobia, The Movement for International Solidarity) have called for a demonstration “against racism and Islamophobia” this Saturday, September 5, at 3 pm, place de la Comédie, in the 1st arrondissement (1).

About a hundred people were present, but Abdelaziz Boumediene, president of the Movement for International Solidarity, called for “200, 300 to say no to Islamophobia”.

The demonstrators asked the mayor of Lyon and the prefect to “do everything possible” to find the perpetrators of these fires, but also to react against Islamophobia.

“Islamophobia is a political business. We must become our own elected officials,” said Abdelaziz Chaambi, president of the Coordination against Racism and Islamophobia….

“Islam is the second religion, the second community in France. Those who do not like us have only to leave France. France, we love it with its Muslim community or we leave it”, declared Abdelaziz Boumediene, President of the Movement for International Solidarity.

Eric Zemmour was particularly targeted by associations, as well as the newspaper Valeursuelles. “We will fight so that Islamophobia is recognized as a crime in the same way as anti-Semitism or anti-Christianism,” continued Abdelaziz Boumediene. The president of the MSI denounced a “complacency of the State and a complicity of the media” vis-a-vis this phenomenon. “It is necessary that the president, that the deputies react, that Zemmour is banned from the airwaves”, he elaborated….


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