Mikhail Gorbachev, The Last Soviet Leader Who Died At The Age Of 92 Wrote This In His Autobiography

In his younger days, while studying in Europe… He used to study alongside two Japanese students.

He wrote; “The 2nd World War had come to an end & Japan had been destroyed, and was facing crippling economic sanctions as well”.

During the classes, these two Japanese students used to take turns to write the notes, while the other student would mend the pencil and keep it ready for use. In those days, the Japanese pencils used to be of inferior quality and the lead tip of the pencil which was very brittle, used to break frequently.

Fellow students advised them to use the far superior pencils made in England, which were not expensive either.

With tears in their eyes the Japanese students said, “If we do not purchase and use our own products however bad they may be, then who else will buy them and how will our people and industries develop. We don’t deny that we do not have good quality today, but there will definitely be a day, when the whole world will use our Japanese pencils”.

Time to think for ourselves now.
Made in Nigeria is the way to go. Starting with you. That’s the only way to shore up the Naira and that’s MCMI9JA vision, mission and goal.

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