If you started fasting on Wednesday 14th April, then today is the 21st night of Ramadan.
Zirr bin Hubaish [and Zirr bin Hubaish’s Kunyah is Abu Mariam] (RA) said: “I said to Ubayy bin Ka’b (RA): ‘Your brother Abdullah bin Mas’ud (RA) says: “Whoever stands (in voluntary prayer) the whole year, then he will have reached the Night of Al-Qadr.’” So he said: ‘May Allah forgive Abu Abdur-Rahman (RA). He knows that is during the last 10 (nights) of Ramadan, and that it is the night of the twenty-seventh. But he wanted the people to not rely upon that.’ Then he uttered an oath, that without exception it is on the night of the twenty-seventh.” He said: “I said to him: ‘Why is it that you say that O Abu Al-Mindhir (RA)?’ He (RA) said: “By the sign or indication which the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) informed us of: ‘That the sun rises on that day having no beams with it.”

(Jami at Tirmidhi, Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3351)

As the last 10 nights have begun, seek Laylut-ul-Qadr and try to spend each night in worship. In a time when the world is afflicted by a virus that has spread everywhere, seek refuge in Allah swt, ask for His forgiveness and pray for the Ummah. A night better than a thousand months is upon us. Make the last ten nights of Ramadan the best ten by maximising your rewards. 

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