Lamido Sanusi Gives Scary Detail About Nigeria, Claims We Made No Progress in 40 Years

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Former emir of Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido said on Saturday, August 14 that Nigeria has made zero progress since 1981 Nigeria’s GDP per capita on purchasing power parity had gone through a cycle where it grew and plummeted to nearly the amount it was 40 years ago

Meanwhile, he said that the government must make the economy grow for the sake of ordinary Nigerians

Former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi, has revealed that Nigeria made no progress in 40 years.

Sanusi who was a former Emir of Kano said this at a colloquium to mark his 60th birthday, Punch Newspaper reports.

According to him, though he has paid the price for speaking the truth, Nigerians were the ones paying the real price “in form of poverty, insecurity, and high rate of inflation”, the Cable added.

He said: “Calling me an enemy or critic will not make those facts go away. So, anywhere we go, we must face these facts. I have tried not to say much, not because there is nothing to say or because I am afraid of speaking.

“The reason I have not spoken much in the last two years is because, I don’t even have to say anything anymore, because all the things we were warning about have come.

“According to the World Bank, where were we in 2019? At this rate, in the next two years, in terms of purchasing power parity, the average income of a Nigerian would have gone back to what it was in 1980 under Shehu Shagari. That means in 40 years, we made zero progress; 40 years wasted.”

The former emir declared that he has no intention of running for any political position in the country.

Going further, he promised to continue educating the public on the right candidates to vote for during elections.

He disclosed this at a meeting of the Muqaddimai and Shaykhs of the sect for the first time since his appointment as Caliph.

Source: Legit

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