– 25, 2023

The systematic onslaught aimed at cutting the age old cultural link that binds the Hausa and the Fulani together is being viciously tested by elements whose intent is suspect and filled with foreboding.

It is true that there are some dreadful Fulani terrorists who are hell bent on destroying the image of the Fulani race, killing, maiming and engaging in criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom against other people, including Hausa people in Nigeria. These people are audacious and are operating with alacrity making the lexicon of criminality in Nigeria today to have Fulani as an addition to it. The concern here is, we hear little condemnation against the horrific actions of these criminals from Fulani sociocultural organisations or from self-confessed Fulani Community leaders who ought to know that the image of their race is at stake.

While there are criminal elements among Hausas and other tribes, hardly had any of them adorned itself with the culture of criminality as the Fulanis do these days. This should be a major concern to everyone but especially the security agencies.

While that is still ongoing, some other people are using this new normal to pump hate targeted at Hausa people by attacking the historic sociocultural and political relationships that existed for centuries between the Hausa and the Fulani. The historic Danfodio jihad is being critically questioned and put to test.

Putting all these elements together points to my assertion that the disappearing cord that unite the two cultures are being deliberately tried and tasted. The cords are now becoming increasingly visible and conspicuous.

The invincibility of the cord which is being gauged is Islam and generational intermarriages, a culture which is likely to withstand the test of time but it is likely to be weakened unless some action is taken now and promptly too.

I want to call on the key players, Emirs, political leaders, Islamic Clerics, Academics and other stakeholders that share this concern with me to convene a conference during which solutions can be shopped and implemented with immediate effect. Critical questions that are beging to be asked and answered may be discussed. Vital information available to some of us may be shared and analysed. Proactive measures may be taken and critically needed structures to guide against the unslaught against this historic union and disappearing cord may be enhanced.

I have made the initial call and I appeal to all good people of like minds, among both Hausa, Fulani and their friends, to either repost this article until it is driven home or also air their opinions and make these call to action. Kukan Kurciya, jawabi ne. Mai hankali ke ganewa.

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