Keffi Emir asks Muslims to pray as COVID-19 is punishment for many sins committed

The Emir of Keffi, Dr Shehu Chindo Yamusa, has admonished Muslim faithful to pray to God to take away the Coronavirus which he said is a punishment for many sins people have committed

“According to Islam such diseases afflict the people because of too many sins.

So we should ask God to wash away our sins and take away this disease from us. 

“He said he created man only to worship him, so we should worship and pray that he should forgive us so that this virus will disappear. He should give us the opportunity to see this Salla and the subsequent ones.”

The royal father challenged the Muslims to remember that COVID-19 is real hence every one should comply with the social distancing rule 

“My advice to the Muslims is that we know that COVID-19 is real and it one of the most deadly viral disease in recent times. 

“We should comply with the rules and regulations as well as the social distancing so that our communities would be protected and the entire Muslim Umar will benefit from this. 

“I believe the use of face mask when going out can reduce the rate of infections to the nearest minimum. I am advising the Muslims to ensure they wear their face mask once they are leaving their houses.

“When you return you can remove the mask, sanitize our hands and avoid shaking one another because it is through contact the disease can affect people.”

He prayed God to forgive the sins of the people.

On the issue of hunger which may even kill faster than the virus he said it is the reason farmers have been exempted from the restriction of movement as they have been advised to follow all the safety protocols.

Hunger may kill faster, True, that is why some States have given out facilities 

“Farmers are not restricted they are advised to use the mast and keep the social distancing rule. When a farmer works in the sun it helps to keep the disease away from him, from our layman point of view. 

“It is a disease that does not enjoy such condition. “

He prayed God to continue to bless the leaders who have been working round the clock to overcome the virus that he protects them for the benefit the States and country.

He wish every body happy sallah.

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