Hypocrisy/Intolerance of CAN leadership

…Christian/Christian candidacy in Osun governorship election

CAN that is now proclaiming to be a self-appointed champion of inclusiveness for the Northern Christians has found it difficult to elect/zone its leadership to minority Christian Northerners.
Likewise Channels TV that is advocating and instigating the condemnation of Muslim-Muslim ticket has despite all broadcasting regulations refused to accept to broadcast any Islamic programme (sponsored or otherwise) on the station and has also refused to employ Muslims.

The only Muslim presenter they ever had at inception was forced out of the place due to their intolerance.
Did the Muslim breath down their necks for discriminating against Muslims and Islam? Please let’s stop the hypocrisy and media hype. They are tagging a Muslim who has married a Christian wife all his life and even allowed her become a pastor, as intolerant and inconsiderate when Channels TV can not even tolerate having a Muslim staff. What an irony!

Coming back to CAN. The verifiable facts are that CAN Elected Presidents from inception till date are:-
(1). Ekandem (late) from 1976 till 1986.
(2). Anthony Cardinal Okogie from 1988 till 1995.
(3). Prelate Sunday Mbang from 1994 till 2003.
(4). Primate Jasper Akinola from 2003 till 2007.
(5). Archbishop John Onaiyekan from 2007 till 2010.
(6). Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor from 2010 till 2016.
(7). And the current president…. Reverend (Dr) Samson Ayokunle, who was elected in 2016.

Does it mean CAN as a body of Christ did not see any Northern Christian qualified to be the Association’s President since 1976 to date ?
Why the predominance by Southern Christians….?
Does this imply that the Northern Christian are less Christians or is it because they are in minority in Northern Nigeria?
Are they also minority in the Christian family in Nigeria?

This is amazing as Equity, justice and fairness is not playing in CAN.
Yet Can is promising Fire and Brimstone against APC for not finding a Christian Northerner to be VP Candidate….when they could not find a worthy Northern Christian to lead their Association for 42 years now….
People should also ask Channels TV if they cannot tolerate an Islamic programme; how then do they have the moral justification to question a Muslim/Muslim ticket?
What has CAN said about PDP fielding a Christian/Christian candidacy in the Osun governorship election coming up on Saturday. The same way both APC and PDP fielded a Christian/Christian candidacy at the just concluded Ekiti Election. Was CAN not in existence then?

He Who Calls for Equity must come with Clean Hands.

May Allah unite d Muslim Ummah against d evil plots of d hypocrites and unbelievers, amin🙏😰✍️

MSSN AZONE Head Quarters

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