Herdsmen education will curb insecurity – Gumi

November 15, 2021

Sheikh Dr Abubakar Ahmad Gumi

Renowned Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dr Abubakar Ahmad Gumi, has opined that with the provision of education opportunities to Fulani herdsmen at the grassroots, the raging insecurity in the country could be checked.

Sheikh Gumi, who on an inspection visit of the Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodio Centre at Kagarko Grazing Reserve Kohoto Village, Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State donated by Sultan Bello Mosque Foundation, stated that education is the best approach to help widen the knowledge of the Fulani herdsmen against involving themselves to insecurity in the country.

He explained, “The construction of the school is an example to the three tiers of government, corporate organizations and individuals. Instead of spending billions on hardware, spend it on schools. I have spoken to lots of them, they have agreed to lay down their weapons and embrace education.”

Gumi further explained that the centre contains six classrooms, which would be operational for 24 hours every day, stressing that the herdsmen rear cattle in the morning, come back and study in the evening.

He assured that the school would run primary and secondary schools at intervals, saying that the Fulani herdsmen would be encouraged to take education seriously.

Sheikh Gumi stated that the Centre has a hospital as well as an economic booster on showing them how to use foliage to feed their animals, pointing out that if such Centres are replicated in every part of the country, Nigeria would be in peace.

He explained that the majority of the Fulani herdsmen are not involved in banditry, saying that if herdsmen are terrorists, there would be problems in the country.

Gumi stated that though the construction project of the centre is still ongoing, the three tiers of government should come in and partner on training the herdsmen on how they can be economically viable.

He said, “The moment most of the Fulani herdsmen are educated, you find among them doctors, engineers, nurses and other professionals who will not go into acts that are contrary to the laws of the land but the country will be better for it.”

He stated that teachers would be taken from Kaduna to the centre, stressing that some of the students would be taught entrepreneurship in order to be self-reliant when they finish their studies.

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