Husaini Yusuf Mabera’s contribution to the propagation of Islam

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious Most Merciful

I was not surprised after reading the hyper-diabolical and superlative exaggerations of an apologetic Christian and controversial politician popularly called Femi Fani -Kayode in his fruitless efforts to defend the blasphemous and provocative abuse directed against the most beloved Prophet of Islam in person of Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him.

In his puerile and imbecile writings, Femi Fani Kayode had shamelessly and ignorantly claimed that it is a blasphemy as far as their religion is concerned for a Muslim to say that Jesus Christ is not God , or to say that Jesus Christ is a Prophet of God . And if the Christians should react in the manner the Muslims reacted against Deborah there would be no inter -religious peaceful coexistence in Nigeria. Mr Femi Fani Kayode had also obdurately and arrogantly mentioned that Jesus Christ is their object of worship as he was the one that created everything and gave them everything they have as far as their existence is concerned .

Let me called the attention of Femi Fani Kayode to the fact that even though the Muslims all over the world believed in Jesus Christ as the Messaiah , Prophet , Messenger and Servant of God , it is equally a blasphemy of the highest order for any Christian to address Jesus Christ as a God or to call him the Son of God or any other thing other than a human being as far as Islam is concerned . It is equally a blasphemy in Islam for any Christian to believe that Jesus Christ is the Creator of the Universe or to believe that Jesus Christ had died on the cross of calvary at Golgotha . All these diabolical teachings or doctrines of the Christians are abhorrence or strange to Islam and the Glorious Qur’an has repudiated them and rebuked the Christians for believing in the above irrational and unscriptural doctrines .

In spite of these untenable doctrines that are always being circulated by the Christians in Muslim dominated States of Nigeria , no Muslim had ever pointed an accusing finger or make any attempt to attack any Christian for these unbearable blasphemies as the Christians have made them to be parts of their religious worships . And Islam has allowed the freedom of religion in Surah 2 v 256 and Surah 6 v 108 of the Glorious Qur’an.

A Muslim can never attack or kill any Christian for dubiously calling Jesus God or for calling him Son of God , but a Muslim can only preach with wisdom and scriptural evidences against these mendacious or blasphemous beliefs in the Godship or Sonship of Jesus. But for a non Muslim or Muslim to curse or abuse the noble Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him or curse any of the divine Prophets of God including Jesus Christ , then such person is committing what can be called HARA -KIRI or COMMITTING SUICIDE before any Shari’a court of law where Islamic Shari’a is implemented . One cannot abuse Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him in the assemblies of the Muslims and then remain the same . No !.
Moreover , in answer to Femi Fani Kayode on calling Jesus Christ his God , I believed that he has not done justice to both Jesus and the Bible . In fact , according to the Bible, it is not only blasphemy but an act of rebelliousness against the Almighty GOD who sent Jesus to call Jesus God . I am calling the attention of Femi Kayode to the followings biblical references for him to know that Jesus is not and can never be God at all.
In Mark 12 v 29 of the Bible, Jesus said that his God and our God is only one God.

In Matthew 23 v 9 , Jesus said that there is only one God in heaven .
In Mark 15 v 34 , Jesus addressed God as “MY GOD MY GOD ” that means God is the God of Jesus .
In John 12 v 49 Jesus said that he was sent by God as his Messenger . See also John 4 v 34 , John 7 v16 , John 17 v 3 , John 8 v 42 , Luke 4 v 18 , John 6 v 38 etc where Jesus said he was sent by God . How can a rational human being called someone that was sent by the only true God his God?
In Mark 13 v 32 , Jesus said he did not know when the world would come to an end . How then could he be God in his ignorance of the hour of judgment?
In John 5 v 30 Jesus said he could not do anything by his own power , but he only depended on God . How then can Femi Kayode claimed that Jesus had created everything in the Universe ? Did Jesus tell you that in the bible ?
In Luke 2 v 21 , the bible says that Jesus was circumcised in his genital when he was 8 days old , how can someone who is said to be God be circumcised by another person ?
In Matthew 11 v 19 , the bible says that Jesus ate food and drank water , does God eats or drinks in your own religion or culture ?
In Matthew 8 v 23-24 the bible said Jesus slept , but In Psalms 121 v 4 , the bible said God neither slumber nor sleep , how then could Jesus be God ? In Malachi 3 v 6 the bible said God cannot Change to any form or become like his creations , how then could you tell us that God changed to become Jesus in human flesh ? Did God lost his divinity when he changed to become Man in accordance to your untenable faith ?
In Matthew 1 v 18-26 and Luke 1 v 20-31 the bible says Jesus was born by the Virgin Mary through the help of the Holy Spirit , how could God be born by the woman he himself created ? Can a person exists before his Mother ? Haba ! Femi Kayode ! Reform your thinking and avoid being childish .
Also , when you claimed that calling Jesus a Prophet of God is a blasphemy , then your bible has blasphemed already for calling Jesus a Prophet of God in Matthew 21 v 10-11 , Matthew 21 v 46 , Luke 24 v 19 , Luke 13 v 32 , Mark 6 v 4 , Luke 7 v 16 , John 6 v 14 , John 4 v 19 , John 9 v 17 , Matthew 13 v 57 etc . Condemn your bible first before you condemn any Muslim for calling Jesus the Prophet of God.

I could not hold my tears of sympathy for the Christians like Femi Fani Kayode for believing that Jesus was brutally massacred or killed on the Cross and at the same time calling him their God! How can God be killed by the people he himself created if your theory is not the figment of your fabrication or creative imagination?

In conclusion , Femi Kayode should restudy his Bible carefully instead of wasting his time in political and ethno religious brouhaha or tribalistic shenanigans.
Husaini Yusuf Mabera’s Contribution towards the propagation of Islam.


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