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Events and Importance of Jamadi ul Awwal Islamic Month

NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Among the 12 lunar months appearing in the Islamic Calendar, Jamadi ul Awwal has its place as its fifth month. This month it is 29 or 30 days.

Its name originates from Jamad, meaning dry, arid, or rainless; portraying parched and dry land makes it a dry month. Another name given to it is Jumada-al-Ula, explaining commend, commit, to take charge with or care in the duration of the parched month.

In the month of Jumada-al-Awwal, the Moota battle took place. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t take part in it. As the leader of the Islamic Army, Zaid (RA) was preferred for the battle.

The history behind the Battle’s name is the city Moota, located in Syria where the battle happened. Many other events appeared in Jumada-al-Awwal. Holy Prophet (PBUH) married Khadija (RA) this month. The martyrdom of Zaid (RA) occurred in it.

It is also linked with the event of Jafar’s (RA) martyrdom. Lastly, Abdullah’s (RA) martyrdom also happened in it. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lost His Grandfather, Abdul Muttalib (RA) in Jumada-al-Awwal.

Umar-ibn Al-Khattab, the closest companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), was the one to initiate the Islamic calendar. Approximately in 638AD, while leading the Muslim community He met His advisers to gather over a discussion centered on the dating systems of that time.

After the discussion, they all agreed on Hijrah, as the most reliable reference indicator for the Islamic Calendar as that point was an essential turnover for the Muslim community.

Important Events in Jamadi Ul Awwal

  • 5th Jamadi ul Awwal: Birth of Zainab bint Ali (RA).
  • 10th Jamadi ul Awwal: Fatima bint Muhammad (Daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) died at the age of 23.
  • 13th Jamada ul Awwal: Fatima bint Muhammad (RA) was buried by her husband Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA).
  • 15th Jamada ul Awwal: Ali ibn Hussain (Zain Al Abideen RA) was born.
  • 22nd Jamada ul Awwal: Battle of Camel fought between Ayesha RA and Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA). Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) won this battle.

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