Emir Sanusi Play for stage Aug. 6, 7 in Lagos, Abuja – Producer

July 24, 2022  3 min read

-agency report

Emir Sanusi – Truth in Time, a Play on the 14th Emir of Kano produced by Duke of Shomolu Productions, is to be staged in Abuja and Lagos on Aug. 6 and 7.

Edgar explained that the Play would depict the lives, drama and intrigues surrounding the dethronement of both Emir Sanusi I and his grandson, Emir Sanusi II, leaning heavily on the eye witness account of the Dogarai (place guards), who served both Emirs.

“The Play will excitedly work very assiduously through the very colourful traditions and culture of the Fulani and other people of Northern Nigeria, in its bid to foster an equivocal retelling of a very compelling story.

“Through some of the most enigmatic storytelling, the Play will explosively carry audiences through a voyage of rediscovery, taking them through the sacrifices made by both subjects as they waltzed through a market of misunderstanding leading up to what seemed like a predestined and epochal climax,” he explained.

He said that the play would make history as the first co-locational play in Nigeria, if not Africa, utilising different casts in both locations.

The playwright and Director of Emir Sanusi, Prof. Ahmed Yerima, a specialist in theatre and cultural studies, also spoke with NAN.

“The story line is exciting. It is about destiny. Destiny plays a critical role in every person’s life.

“Life is full of challenges. Tribulations and trials are normal. The Play focuses on the lives of two Emirs destined for the same path.

“When Emir Sanusi II was installed, he said, ‘May Allah let me die on throne’.

“It was as if something was telling him that he would not stay long on the throne. Six years later, he was thrown out. It appeared simply destined to be so.

“But you can see that he has shrugged off what appears to be a disgrace and quickly bounced back to even stronger reckoning.

“He was removed as Emir but he now occupies the powerful position of Khalifa. That’s destiny. Someone destined for greatness will always be great.

“I am happy it is coming up. Eighty-five per cent of the cast size are Hausa/Fulani people.

“It is an Hausa/Fulani play. No one can play their mannerisms, accent like them.

“We have their musicians, Koroso dancers, drummers, and many other actors.”

He described the play as interesting, educating and useful in the interpretation of happenings around human lives.

NAN recalls that Yerima also wrote and directed Duke of Shomolu’s “Aremu”, a play that depicted the life of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

NAN also reports that The Duke of Shomolu Productions are specialists on historically-backed stage productions in Nigeria.

Edgar recently explained why his outfit was concentrating on such plays.

“Our vision is to tell and retell our national historical stories to a new generation in a firm bid to foster national reawakening using the arts as a strong vehicle of delivery,” he said. 

According to Joseph Edgar, Executive Chairman, Duke of Shomolu Productions, the Play will be staged simultaneously in both cities at the same time.

“All is set for the Play with tickets already being purchased in bulks.

“We expect a total of 5,000 people – 2,500 in each of the venues.

“From the massive interest we have received, we also expect that 500,000 to one million people will watch the play online as 9mobile communication network is beaming it live.

“It simply means that everyone can watch the play on phone or at any of the venues,” he told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday.

He said that many state governors, senators and captains of industries had indicated interest in being part of the audience.

He listed major sponsors of the play to include First, Access, Zenith and Sterling Banks.

Others included Abbey Mortgage, Art-Split, an art gallery dealing in painting, among many others.

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