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  1. Peter Obi wins “Tinubu’s” Lagos. But you are still saying INEC is rigging for Tinubu just so that when Tinubu wins Katsina, you will say it was rigged.

Oh wait. Atiku won Katsina, Buhari’s State.

So really how many persons do you want to accuse INEC of rigging for? Why not accept where your candidate lose?

  1. So Obi can win Lagos, it is not rigging. But ‘Amoda Ogunlere’ cannot win Osun that you said he is from, it is rigging.

Oh wait. Tinubu did not even win Osun. Atiku did. So what are you saying please? You thought Obi will win Osun??

  1. Obi went to Kano and went straight to Sabon Gari where you have Igbos and minority Christians.

That is the divisive campaign Obi ran yet you will shout rigging if Tinubu wins Kano.

Oh wait. It is Kwankwaso that is winning Kano despite being an enemy of the sitting APC Governor!

Again, what are you saying???

  1. In the South East where Obi is from, Obi is winning by 90%

In the South West where Tinubu is from, Obi has won Lagos, Atiku took Osun. But when Tinubu takes Ekiti, it is rigging.

What is wrong with you guys?

  1. Obi is winning in Edo State. If you add PDP and APC votes and times it by 2, Obi is still winning. This is a State where there is a PDP Governor and a Former APC National Chairman.

But it is rigging anywhere Obi is not winning. How can a people be this bigoted?

  1. I have read, on WhatsApp, people saying they will poison food and give to Northerners for not voting Obi.

I have read people here saying they will never give a Northern beggar any money for not voting Obi.

Meanwhile Obi is clearing the South South and South East and Northerners are not threatening anyone. And you will call them uncivilized?

  1. An unknown Labour party candidate for House of Rep, defeated the APC and PDP to win Etin-Osa Fed. Constituency in Lagos.

The APC guy was Obanikoro’s son. The PDP guy was Banky W the musician. Both floored by a Labour party candidate people didn’t know.

But the election was rigged is coming from the mouth of Labour party supporters.

  1. Another unknown Labour party candidate defeated the APC and PDP in the major Senatorial Election in Edo.

The gap was almost 200%. If you add the PDP and APC votes together, the unknown Labour candidate still beat them with over 50k votes and these were not small candidates. They are the two most influential people in Benin!

But Labour Party supporters are still shouting rigging, failed election. Does this make sense???

  1. Obi is heading to 500,000 votes in Enugu. Whereas Tinubu has less than 5,000 votes in the whole Enugu.

This is not rigged, but wherever Tinubu wins is rigged.

  1. Atiku’s VP is the GOVERNOR of Delta State.

In Delta State, Obi has won 11 out of the 16 Local Government Areas annoinced so far.

But his supporters are still shouting the election is rigged. Is that not madness?

NB: If you cause the war you are using to bully everyone we will all suffer it. Pat Utomi that is encouraging you will carry his oyinbo face and seek asylum somewhere in America or Europe where he will collect cool breeze and return after your demise to claim hero of democracy. Use sense.

By Eseoghene Al-Faruq

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