“During my non Muslim days I sought fulfilment through boys” – Stacey reveals she is now a muslim

Islam to a lot of non muslims is a religion that is filled with violence. This is spark by Islamophobic ideologies and media everyday making people not to learn the true message of the religion.

A twitter lady has defile that wrong notion as she announce her conversion to Islam as an ease to her heart. In her own words she said;

“I am now a Muslim, Allahmdulillah for islam, I honestly feel at soo much peace , during my non Muslim days I sought fulfilment through boys , attention and partying but your heart will only be at ease when you’re worshipping Allah”.

Many persons react to her conversion with goodwill messages and wishes. one well wisher said:

“alhamdulillah sister, welcome to the deen. i pray it treats you well and i hope this huge life changing journey you begin to undertake will lead you to the light, ameen”

While another who does not believe her declaration said: “If you are doing this for attention, God will punish you.”

What do you think about Islam? Did you read the Quran to learn that or ask a muslim to learn or you heard from people and media? share your sincere thought on how you have learnt about islam so far!

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