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Dua for Shifa – For Betterment of Health

Dua for Shifa: No matter what illness it is, physical or mental illness can be hectic in our lives. Our daily routine tasks Suddenly start to feel like a burden, and ordinary or simple tasks and activities become a burden.

However, we Muslims have been extremely blessed because we can seek help and guidance from Allah SWT.

Dua for Shifa

Islam is a very peaceful religion, and the cure for almost everything is provided in the Holy Quran.

Dua For Good Health

The Ruqyah has consisted of reciting a combination of Surah al-Fatiha approximately 7 times, the Mu’awidhatayn, and Ayat al-Kursi. Whenever a Muslim recites this surah and blows on his hands and then places his hand on the affected area, then an individual will get relief, no doubt, with the full faith of Allah’s power of healing.

Quran A Healing

Overall, the whole Quran can be beneficial for Shifa or used for healing Recite al-Faatihah and al-Mu’awwidhaat.

Expiration For Your Sins

Severe illness often leads us to lose hope and in ourselves and around the world. However, a Muslim takes any calamity in his stride, knowing that there is a greater good that’s waiting for him.

No doubt Allah is the only one who can help and give strength to us, and Allah also expiates the sins of those suffering from illness.

Therefore, remind yourself that Allah is merciful, and he forgives your sins whenever you are suffering from an illness or pain.

Just think about your book of deeds having no sins and filled with only good deeds on the day of the judgment.

So, whenever you suffer through an illness or sickness, just simply imagine the day of judgment when the book of your good deeds will be handed over to you in the right hand.

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