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Dua For Entering Masjid and Leaving Masjid

JANUARY 5, 2022

Dua for Entering Masjid and leaving: In Arabic, ‘dua’ has the literal meaning of calling someone, while in Islamic teachings, dua is the term used for the situation where a person seeks anything from Allah SWT.

As Muslims, we are strongly encouraged to pray, ask for help from Allah SWT because only He alone can help us and provide a sense of security.

Dua is so important that one of the Prophet’s hadiths mentions that prayer is the essence of worship.

There is a dua for almost every action in Islam, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW taught the dua to his Ummah for various matters such as safety, family, food, travel, illness, dressing, etc. And one of the most important dua is the dua we recite when we enter and leave the Masjid.

Dua for Entering Masjid

Dua for Leaving Masjid

Masjid is a house of worship for every Muslim. Masjid means a place of prostration. Masjid are the words for the mosque in Arabic that comes from the word “sajda” which means prostration. Muslims believe that every Masjid is the house of god and highly respect it.

The Masjid is a place where Muslims pray, worship Allah, read the Holy Quran, and learn the teachings of Islam.

That’s why when entering and while in the Masjid, we must apply good etiquette, make sure the Masjid is clean, and recite dua when entering and leaving Masjid.

Using good etiquette of entering the Masjid by reciting a dua is a form of recognition and respect of Muslims towards the Masjid as a holy and glorified house of worship.

In addition to including etiquette, Muslims recommended reciting dua when entering Masjid because in the lafadz of the dua contains a request for Muslims to be given many blessings by Allah SWT.

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