Does strike affect only students?

By Prof. Muhammad Waziri  of Geography Dept. University of Maiduguri

If 20,000 students make a trip to the campus by public transport with an average of N200 daily, that’s N4m.

If 20,000 students eat lunch at school at N200 daily, that’s another N4m.

If 20,000 students photocopy 20 pages of document at N10 each daily, that’s another N4m

By this, just 20,000 students inject N12m daily to the local economy.

During 3 months of strike, N1.08bn is lost by transporters, food vendors, business centres etc.

Expand this to the actual number of students in the Universities in the country.

BUT WHO CARES? 🤷🏽‍♂️                             

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