Did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ever have a non-Muslim friend?

Yes, of course.

When He (pbuh) was facing social boycott, there was a Makkan friend who secretly supplied the Muslims with food.

Muhammad (pbuh) did not convert the entire Arabian peninsula, by making enemies. He did it by making friends.

When He was pelted with stones in Taif, He had no where to go, on coming back to Makka, He first had to ask for asylum, a non-Muslim Makkan tribal leader took Him in and told the anti Muhammad faction, he would rather have his whole tribe, his sons be killed in defending Muhammad (pbuh), rather than let any one harm Muhammad.

Muhammad (pbuh) did not convert the entire Arabian peninsula, by making enemies. He did it by making friends.

Looking carefully the life of Muhammad, and His contemporaries, you will find a distinct pattern. The ones who opposed Muhammad were:

  1. Tribal leaders
  2. Wealthy merchants and slave owners
  3. The families who served the pagan Kaaba (Makka)

Name one open enemy of Muhammad (pbuh) who does not fall into any one of the above categories.

The general population (small tribes, white collar people, slaves) openly or secretly welcomed Muhammad. Why? because He preached humanity and human rights.

They were not interested, in monotheism because they were familiar with the concept of GOD and called onto Allah (Elohim/Elahi), after all the Arab and the Israelite are all offshoots of Abraham the prophets.

The general population was being crushed (economically) out of existence, because of elite, holding all the power and not exercising justice. The rich got richer and the poor were being enslaved. Thus the preaching of Muhammad (pbuh); equality of all mankind, and being answerable to all deeds in afterlife was a hope. This hope was an upsetting factor for the rich, who foresaw a revolution at hand.

We can see this, when the tribal leader came to Muhammad’s Uncle the Father of Ali and proposed several terms

  1. We can share power with Muhammad 50/50
  2. One day we will worship in Kaaba His style, the other day we will do it like our forefathers did
  3. We offer Him the title of king of all the Makkan tribes
  4. We offer Him the daughters (who ever he picks) as wives
  5. We offer Him part of the riches (festival earnings) we have from the Kaaba
  6. all Muhammad has to do is to stop preaching

Now tell me, does it look like any poor person, or any common man, could have made this proposition. Does this look like a complaint from the common man. No, exactly not, this is the representation of the elite of the society, who fear the growing popularity of a no-body (Muhammad was an orphan with no wealth, raised by his uncle, who had moderate wealth).

To this the response from Muhammad (pbuh) was
“By Allah, in whose hand is the life of Muhammad (pbuh), they can offer me all they want, they can put the sun on my right hand, and the moon on my left, but I will not turn away from the responsibility ordained on me”

As always in politics and revolutions, you make some enemies, you are only successful, if you have made more true friends, than true enemies.

Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam.

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