Dear Muslims, Before You Bury Your Dead Take Note Of These 10 Things

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Death is inevitable. As Allah the Almighty says: “Every soul must taste death”. As Muslims, when one of us dies, we have to take note of the religious teachings governing the burial of the dead.

Let’s take note of these prophetic traditions when dealing with a deceased:

1. The eyes of the dead should be closed

Immediately a Muslim succumbs to death, his eyes should be closed, he should then be covered with a cloth, quickly shrouded and prepared for the funeral prayer.

2. Priority should be giving to the person appointed to bath the deceased

Here, the person appointed must be pious and knowledgeable, preferably a close relation of the deceased. A man should bath a man and a woman should bath a woman.

3. A martyr who died in the battle field should not be bathed, shrouded or prayed on, but he should be buried in the clothes in which he died.

4. Water used to wash the body of the deceased must be pure and legitimate, the deceased must be washed in a covered place like bathroom or any enclosed structure. The presence of anybody not having business with the bathing must be prevented.

5. Male should be shrouded with three white wrappers made of cotton, and of clothes that would not reveal the body of the deceased.

6. The shrouded material must not be expensive

7. Women should be shrouded in five pieces of clothing.

8. If the deceased is a man, the Imam should stand at his head, but in the case of woman, he stands at the middle portion.

9. After the funeral prayer has ended, it is recommended to hasten in carrying the deceased to his/her grave.

10. It is recommended to commiserate with the family of the deceased, console them and remind them to be patient.

Allah knows the best

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