Christians take over Federal College of Forestry Jos, Plateau State

…Advice to the writer and group of concerned fellows

The C.A.N (Christian association of Nigeria) has taken over control of the Federal college of forestry especially in Jos plateau state. In the sense that the number of staffs is more than 500 but the Muslims staffs were only 20 or less, while the Ninety five percent were Christians and Yoruba. Where is Federal character?
Secondly, the whole management staffs were Christians no a single Muslim while among the Muslims there was level 13 staffs and offices were not granted to any of them why? Some Christians staffs especially Yoruba has Mr sale was in level 13 and has no office while Mr tee ( Brister) level 9 has office and profile to observe.
Corruption and side lined of Muslims staff had genuinely practiced. In the sense that Mr saeed and Mr Tope were employed the same date the same cadre as store officers October 2013 but Mr Tope was now in level 11 while saeed was in level 9 despite that Mr tope has changed and converted his cadre to procurement which he suppose to step backward to level 8 in the civil service rule. He was sent to Lagos for procurement cause and later gave double promotion and made the head of store.
Mr yemi was a level 6 officer but was sent for a course of procurement in Lagos while he was not a store officer. Still Mr saeed was in level 9 without promotion just because he was Muslim and northerner , why?
Ninety five percent of federal college of forestry were Muslims yet S.U.G election had never been exercise, why ? For the fear a Muslim student will become an S.U.G president. The management always appointed the positions and always Christians why?
A staff with names Olivia made a blasphemy in college’s plat form against the noble prophet Muhammad and no action was taken, when the few Muslims staffs rose to fight against the event were stopped by fellow Christian staffs and implored to let her go or else they will lose their jobs. The next sad things she was transferred to unknown place out of jos while the few Muslims were transferred to Maiduguri by the Executive director in collaboration with provost. About ten Muslims staffs were transferred without allowance and to report with immediate effect.

Sex scandals had became rampant and no measures were taken, some Christian staffs with names as follows- Mr, yemi ,Mr George, Mr akpala ,Mr akambi and Mr Nanven had made Muslims students a sex slaves in the sense that if u turn down their upper you must carry over their courses. Some Muslims staffs protests against it but nothing was done perhaps a strong threat of being transfer to Maiduguri without pay. Why.

Conversion of Muslims students to Christianity. A group of Christians headed by Mr Akambi had been converting Muslims students to Christianity. When ever a student had a financial difficulties which can’t affords to pay his school’s fees the group will call the attention and promise to help him / her that if converted to Christianity all his bills will be settled by the schools and it happened.
These were few event happening in the college by the time you investigate u will see the worse.
I pray and called the attention of prominent Muslims to look in to this and bring a solution to such predicament.
Do share to the world until the problems is solved pls
Yours Muslims students society fcfj 2020

…Advice to the writer and group of concerned fellows

Assalamualaikum, I want to advice the writer and the group of concerned fellows following the particular issue, to please make sure they have facts that are beyond reasonable doubt. Because some of the issues raised have no substance or the details is not sufficient enough to proof a point. We had intervened in issues like these… But alone the way some facts were missing, which resulted in ridiculing our selves.
Make sure you have facts on the following;
1 the staff that supposed make the list of Management staff (is his/her rank GL/steps meet the basic requirements)
2 the converted Muslims to Christians, ( who are they; name/mat-no/class etc)
3 copy of payment receipt for the favoured students because of their conversion, which has backup from the school administrative proceedings
4 Names of victims/ incidences that clearly show or portrait persecution by Christian staff against any Muslims students be it in Academics or otherwise
5 look for any circular/written memo, notice or announcement that show or portrait biased to the contending party….
Once all the above-mentioned were proving, both Legal and administrative action will be instituted …
Alh. Nasiru kindly sort for answers to this questions and get back to me, inshallah we will facilitate action

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