Check out people’s reactions after a Catholic Rev Sister hugged a Muslim lady

Since the EndSars protest started, many unusual things have happened, and that’s highly commendable. The EndSars protesters have shown that Nigerian can be one regardless of what has happened in the past.

The kind of respect they have for each other despite their tribal and religious differences need to be studied because one can’t remember the last time such took place in Nigeria.

Well, it all started last week when the protesters paused for their Muslim brothers and sister to observe their praying. That was a good thing to do, and it shows the protesters have maximum regards for each other.

However, the same attitude was exhibited on Sunday when Christians were allowed to worship their God and also say their prayers.

Just a moment ago, a catholic Rev sister was spotted, in a viral photo hugging a Muslim lady. That singular act shows that religion is not the problem of Nigerian.

Nigerians who came across the pictures are not only reacting to it but also airing their respective opinions. Those who commented stated that above photo illustrates the type of Nigerian they want and need.

Others also used the same opportunity and revealed that the picture is the true definition of love. See the reactions visit:

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